The M Girls on the day before New Years Eve
This is a collage Mabel made with the app pic collage

Haylo :) This Mabel and Marie and we are The M Girls.  We love fashion and want to become fashion designers, actresses, models, and as Marie wants to a vetinarian.  We want to have a community that is up to date and that is full of fashionistas.  All of you guys have that power so lets get to work and go pink!!! Also are slogan is: "Remember to snap that Heart on!" Love and always Mabel and Marie <3

Cute Cheer poster. Its da best thang eva!!
The Best Cheerleading Poster for your room. We totes vote on that.

     We, as M Girls have many talents.  First we are both very flexible.  We love to do things that make us move around like dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, cheerleading and a lot more.  One of our talents has nohing to do with flexibility.  We love the fashion, beauty, hair and make up business.  We both love to model and are trying to do things with that and we both know how to do things with hair very well.


     Now here is the part that is a little different.  (Mabel:)Marie is better at make up then I am (Marie:) and Mabel is better at fashion then I am.  When we make a fashion show, Usually (Mabel) does the fashion, clothing and accessories and (Marie) will usually do all the eyes, mouth, cheeks, lips and the rest of the face.  "We are both a like but different in the same subject" (I) Mabel says. ~ Mabel and Marie <3

The Need To Knows